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Business Centres
Accelerate your business values.
Centres that exceed expectations by maintaining a creative that is enjoyable. Efficient tech that makes the relationship between construction and space, and life and light!
Hi-tech Offices
Fall in love with what you do again
Leave the great first impression. Boost your team efficiency. Love every click you make and make them count. Hi-Tech Future-proof Office setup
Cutting Edge Cinemas & theatres
High Performance. Immersive. Experience!
A movie can be shown anywhere: The difference is the experience!
Event & Exhibition Centres
Outdoor or indoor, always engaging, always interactive.
Decades of experience in electronics, creativity and robotics, combined with interactive design and AI in creating a meaningful and lasting impression, means your customers will call again
TV & Visual Radio Set
Physical set. Augmented Reality (Virtual) Set. Real-time 3D, Content Independent design
Live free moving camera tracking. Realtime, online broadcast quality 3D augmented reality and interactive contents.
Visit our broadcast graphics and video production services page for channel identity and content generation.
Recording & live Studios
State-of-the-art video wall setups, mixing for live-streamed and televised contents and realtime pre-viz
Broadcast Studios
Realtime broadcast quality augment reality
Industry standard news broadcast sets with online editing and realtime free-move camera tracking.

Coming Soon

JINNIBAY recorder for RED®

Say goodbye to expensive RED MINI-MAG®. Record directly on (almost) any SSD

No camera modifications required. The JINNIBAY's battery plate can power both the recorder and the camera brain optionally


Access multiple RED® mags simultaneously via SuperSpeed USB3.1

Speed boost your productivity by avoiding insert-mount-copy-eject-swap cycle & bring all your RED® footage under your finger tips.

also stay tuned for...

RED MINI-MAG® to REDMAG® adaptor

Versatile Cable Cam
and Car Cam Jibs

Touch Monitor for RED® Camera