Jinni Tech Ltd. is a UK based, innovative company that designs and manufactures affordable, high-quality devices used in a professional filmmaker's everyday life, on set and in the studio. Along with producing custom, built high-end systems for post-production houses and equipment, which help create new, unforeseen filming possibilities, we also make automation software for hard-to-achieve production concepts realisation. We create high-capacity, high-speed media for the demanding data rate of the 8K digital cinema world, along with the tools to unleash the true capacity of the camera's media to work with your workstation, too. Our complex controllers have simplified user interfaces to let you quickly and remotely programme your beast of a camera rig and many side devices simply with a few taps on your trusty mobile device.

Jinni Tech brings technology in to TV and motion picture industry and gives it home there.

About Jinni Tech

Unlike most other tech companies, we didn't just start with a techology to end up selling products to the film industry. In fact, we are a group of film and TV industry veterans who have discovered the actual technological requirements of filmmaking through years of experience and real-life practice. During our time in the film and TV industry, there were many tools and technologies we wish we could have had, and those technologies are exactly what we aim to produce and make available. We’ve faced the actual struggle, which is a lack of understanding of the film industry by tech manufacturers, and we came up with ideas to resolve them ourselves, and to provide the solution back to the industry.

We make things that are needed, and we make them very well!

We provide functionality and Quality. Both made in the United Kingdom!


Here is a brief list of our products. Their complete list of their specifications is published in their websites:

  • JinniMag: Affordable, high quality and high capacity media for RED cameras
  • Hunter: Affordable touch screen monitor loaded with features to control and animate Sony and RED digital cinema cameras.
  • Reciter: Super high speed mount to connect for RED media to PC/MAC
  • Dist!: RAW extension for Sony FS7 and FS7Mk2
  • Radian: Real-time and offline 3D controller of 2D set.

More details in their websites and website update

Jinni Tech Capabilities

We have the insider knowledge of TV and the motion picture production and post-production industry. We also have some of the most experienced electronics and telecommunication engineers, industrial designers and we geared ourselves up with arsenal of state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery. CAD/CAM machines, CNCs, high quality PCB/PCBA delivery systems and industrial direct-to-substrate printers.

We are constantly looking at the industry, listening to our colleagues and trying to come up with high-quality solutions that are truly affordable for as many film-makers as possible.

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Jinni Tech Ltd.

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